Montell and all the friendly people at Uptown MarketPlace are the BEST! Somehow they picked up on our tastes and lifestyle so quickly! They have never tried to overload us with new items. Rather, they are so good at working with what we already have and just adding a few new accents. Then, if I see a new furniture item in their store that I like they know our home well enough to know if it’s going to work…..AND deliver it in a very timely manner! It is a real joy to work with these people!

Vicki Mannering, Client

We couldn't be happier with Uptown MarketPlace for our new updates and remodeling. Montell and Jo were so helpful with recommending the right choices for our kitchen, bathrooms, living room, and bedrooms. This included new flooring, shutters, paint, granite counters, and more. We love Montell and Jo's beautiful selections for decorating and using what we already had in our home. Everything is perfect! Montell and his boys were very particular in their work and always came when scheduled. Connie was great with her bookkeeping.   We would highly recommend Uptown MarketPlace for updating your home.

Gary and Ruth Williams, Client

If you're down in the dumps, maybe need some new color in your environment, just want to get out of the house for awhile and have fun with some nice folks... let me suggest shopping at Uptown MarketPlace  in Weatherford, Oklahoma.  There you will find almost anything your heart could desire in home furnishings and accessories as well as antiques.  Above all, though you'll find the friendliest, most helpful folks you could wish for to help with information, professional decorating advice, or just friendly conversation. The entire staff, including the ladies at the front desk, the young men who assist with decorating and delivery, the owners, even Connie Sue in the office, and above all Montel and Jo who can offer expert decorating advice with any problem area you might have...  Trust me, you're in for a real treat at this wonderful store...  signed, An extremely happy customer, client, and friend, Arden Dorney

Arden Dorney, Client

I have worked with Montell since he was in college. He has a talent that he comes into your home and gets to know your likes and dislikes, then he talks to you and together you decorate the space that you want decorated. He has decorated the inside and outside of my home for years and he listens to me and I leave and he does just what I want him to do. He also repainted furniture and arranges flowers. He can even Read your mind! He is fun to work with. Go into uptown MarketPlace and see all the neat things he has to decorate with. I love going to the store to shop. When he paints or does carpentry work he is very neat and cleans up. The crew he has working for him is very talented too. My house is completely decorated by Montell and his crew. Go by and browse. I LOVE UPTOWN MARKETPLACE.